[Open Beta] We Would Like to Listen to the Different Colors of your Opinion.


Dear Valued Members and Visitors,

We in GAMERCE believe that success is an event that one has accomplished its intended purpose. And with all sincerity, our purpose is to deliver the best service and satisfaction to all our customers. This motivates us to strive harder to improve the one existing and give response to what is needed. Because of this, GAMERCE is now opening a feedback board.

GAMERCE was launched last April 1. But we would like to run the open beta to hear our future members' voices where we can develop and establish more user-focused and user-based community and service.

We would like to encourage all our visitors to join GAMERCE. Feel free to utilize all our features and let us know how you want us to improve them for you. Every suggestion is a step forward to build a better GAMERCE for everybody's convenience. Your suggestions will be much appreciated and we will closely listen to it.

Tell us your opinion on how we can have a stronger policy that would resolve the security concerns, easier payment method, find reasonable market fee, encourage GAMERCE Guardian program, empower the user communication, etc.

Open beta is for a limited period only. And during this stage, we will exempt all the market fees.

Please feel free to join and let us know anything you need.

Thank you!

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