Healing: The Best Skill in MMORPG

In almost all MMORPGs, a skill called “heal” exists. And this useful skill can be in different class and purpose; it can be dedicated to heal one’s self, another player in the game or a team mate.

Heal skill can be classified in many type; channeled heal, direct heal, group heal, group HoT (heal over time), reactive heal, spread heal, vampiric heal and some improved heal skill that have some added effects. All those skills are very useful if you use it properly. But which of those skills is the best?

The best heal skill that I’m talking about cannot be found anywhere in game… because it is the MMORPG itself. It is not about heal or any buff skill that you often cast to your characters in game, but how MMORPG heal a fading soul back to life… how this modern medium of amusement saves a life of a boy from being caught up with his sickness and refused to live his life the way it should be.

It’s almost half a decade now since he was diagnosed with his curse; the smile on his face was replaced with sadness and regrets. He chose to live his life alone as if the world turns its back on him and never want to see the bright side of life again. He accepted his fate in a way that he prevents himself to taste the life of every other normal people can have.

But all of those afflictions turn into bliss when he played his first online game and met his first buddy in game, which eventually became his best friend. The boy started to socialize and make friends with other players, joined a guild and even met his guild mates in real life. He even surpasses other normal players’ abilities and competes in international tournament.

From there, he started to see the bright side of life again and made a vow to have a life well spent. The boy may not be healed physically but being healed mentally and spiritually is enough for this beautiful soul to enjoy life because it is not how long or short your life is, but how you live your life. A short life well spent is far better than a dull life long lived.

Playing MMORPG for most people are just a mere entertainment and pleasure, but sometimes, a mere entertainment for us is a life saver to someone. Now, is there any skill in MMORPG that is better than healing?


Spending Wisely in MMORPG: F2P or P2P?

Are you a hardcore gamer who prefers free to play MMORPG? Or the one who thinks subscription fees for MMORPGs are long term investments? There is no doubt that the F2P (Free to Play) MMORPG’s market is growing rapidly compared to P2P (Pay to Play) MMORPGs today. Given that scenario, gamers are enjoying the option whether to go P2P or F2P given the wide range of choices from free, to pay to play mmos.

F2P games nowadays are not the typical “good for a free game” but rather highly competitive like any other P2P games in the market. They offer games with no subscription fees and can be played anytime which is a good marketing strategy to compete with P2P MMORPGs.

Being a free game, getting the desired number of players is not a problem for F2P publishers. All they need to do is to make the game interesting and fix any bugs and exploits as soon as possible to maintain the quantity of their subscribers. F2P developers/publishers earn profit by selling virtual items through an item mall or offering premium subscriptions (X2 experience/drop rate etc.) for a specific time, but still, it is not required to pay to be able to play the game.

The main issue in F2P is the balance of the game, it is common that some financially well-off players will dish out several hundred bucks just to get strong and pawn other players in the game, which really suck for a normal gamer or for some “wise-spender” in the F2P world. Also, Free MMORPGs are prone to spammers and scammers; anyone can join and create a new account making an annoying and negative impact to the F2P world. But none the less, it is still free; anyone can still experience a decent MMORPG without the subscription fee.

On the other hand, P2P MMORPGs that requires a weekly/monthly subscription before one can play are having a hard time going up against the less expensive F2P games. The pressure is so intense that they need to come up with something new and give their respective games an edge over F2P games. If a developer is too slow to fix an exploit or inconsistent with content updates, odds are players will shift to a new game.

One strong edge of P2P MMORPGs is the integrity of the game. Being a P2P game, players that have malicious intent like hackers, scammers, spammers cannot penetrate the game easily because of the money they will spend just to fool around.

Either way, discipline and spending money wisely is the key. Whether you are playing a F2P or P2P game, you still have the most powerful item in your hand… and that is your freedom to decide.

Irie Rastafari,

Gamerce CGS

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[Open Beta] We Would Like to Listen to the Different Colors of your Opinion.


Dear Valued Members and Visitors,

We in GAMERCE believe that success is an event that one has accomplished its intended purpose. And with all sincerity, our purpose is to deliver the best service and satisfaction to all our customers. This motivates us to strive harder to improve the one existing and give response to what is needed. Because of this, GAMERCE is now opening a feedback board.

GAMERCE was launched last April 1. But we would like to run the open beta to hear our future members' voices where we can develop and establish more user-focused and user-based community and service.

We would like to encourage all our visitors to join GAMERCE. Feel free to utilize all our features and let us know how you want us to improve them for you. Every suggestion is a step forward to build a better GAMERCE for everybody's convenience. Your suggestions will be much appreciated and we will closely listen to it.

Tell us your opinion on how we can have a stronger policy that would resolve the security concerns, easier payment method, find reasonable market fee, encourage GAMERCE Guardian program, empower the user communication, etc.

Open beta is for a limited period only. And during this stage, we will exempt all the market fees.

Please feel free to join and let us know anything you need.

Thank you!

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From Experience: Pros and Cons of playing MMORPG

In everything that we do, there are always pros and cons.. advantages and disadvantages. Just like in playing MMORPG, there are lots of "pros" and of course there are always consequences alongside with it. I strongly believe that playing MMORPGs is one of the worthwhile activities that anyone can enjoy in the virtual world, but just like any other activities.. it requires caution and should not be abused.

happy gamer

One of the best thing that I experienced in my MMORPG life is when I interact with other players, sharing thoughts and knowledge in-game and in real life which results in learning new things that can enhance my gaming experience and my real life as well. For almost 10 years of my MMORPG career, I can say that if players play wisely, it can be a good ventilation of stress and boredom for them especially if they need to relax and no time to go outdoors. But if you played too much, it will reverse the result and you can be stressed like you lost a million bucks in a Casino. So manage your time well and don't get too attached to your character.


If there is best, of course there's worst.. I remember my friend once told me "if you get too attached to something, there is a strong possibility that you may lost something in return", and he was right.

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50 Sexy Video Game Babes You Should Drool For

10. Lady - Devil May Cry -


Using a customized missile launcher as her weapon of choice.

9. Morrigan - Dark Stalkers -



8. Ada Wong - Resident Evil -


A secret agent of Chinese heritage with a mysterious past.

7. Rayne - Blood Rayne -


Killing enemies by straddling and sucking their blood.

6. Chun Li - Street Fighter -


With endless strong lightning kicks makes her very sexy.

5. Cammy - Street Fighter -


Nobody can rock the pigtails as sexy as her.

4. Mai Shiranui - Fatal Fury -


Beating on opponents with a fan and wearing a piece of cloth while she taunts her opponents by jumping up and down.

3. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider -


One of the first female video game characters to actually look sexy. Also portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the movie.

2. Samus Aran - Metroid -


A space bounty hunter with the ability to bend and shape into a ball. The possibilities are endless.

1. Tifa - Final Fantasy -


With a unforgettable personality and sex appeal plus also the fact she looks better and better in each subsequent game release makes her the the top of this list. I’ve literally fell in love with her since FF7 10 years ago.

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