Healing: The Best Skill in MMORPG

In almost all MMORPGs, a skill called “heal” exists. And this useful skill can be in different class and purpose; it can be dedicated to heal one’s self, another player in the game or a team mate.

Heal skill can be classified in many type; channeled heal, direct heal, group heal, group HoT (heal over time), reactive heal, spread heal, vampiric heal and some improved heal skill that have some added effects. All those skills are very useful if you use it properly. But which of those skills is the best?

The best heal skill that I’m talking about cannot be found anywhere in game… because it is the MMORPG itself. It is not about heal or any buff skill that you often cast to your characters in game, but how MMORPG heal a fading soul back to life… how this modern medium of amusement saves a life of a boy from being caught up with his sickness and refused to live his life the way it should be.

It’s almost half a decade now since he was diagnosed with his curse; the smile on his face was replaced with sadness and regrets. He chose to live his life alone as if the world turns its back on him and never want to see the bright side of life again. He accepted his fate in a way that he prevents himself to taste the life of every other normal people can have.

But all of those afflictions turn into bliss when he played his first online game and met his first buddy in game, which eventually became his best friend. The boy started to socialize and make friends with other players, joined a guild and even met his guild mates in real life. He even surpasses other normal players’ abilities and competes in international tournament.

From there, he started to see the bright side of life again and made a vow to have a life well spent. The boy may not be healed physically but being healed mentally and spiritually is enough for this beautiful soul to enjoy life because it is not how long or short your life is, but how you live your life. A short life well spent is far better than a dull life long lived.

Playing MMORPG for most people are just a mere entertainment and pleasure, but sometimes, a mere entertainment for us is a life saver to someone. Now, is there any skill in MMORPG that is better than healing?


Spending Wisely in MMORPG: F2P or P2P?

Are you a hardcore gamer who prefers free to play MMORPG? Or the one who thinks subscription fees for MMORPGs are long term investments? There is no doubt that the F2P (Free to Play) MMORPG’s market is growing rapidly compared to P2P (Pay to Play) MMORPGs today. Given that scenario, gamers are enjoying the option whether to go P2P or F2P given the wide range of choices from free, to pay to play mmos.

F2P games nowadays are not the typical “good for a free game” but rather highly competitive like any other P2P games in the market. They offer games with no subscription fees and can be played anytime which is a good marketing strategy to compete with P2P MMORPGs.

Being a free game, getting the desired number of players is not a problem for F2P publishers. All they need to do is to make the game interesting and fix any bugs and exploits as soon as possible to maintain the quantity of their subscribers. F2P developers/publishers earn profit by selling virtual items through an item mall or offering premium subscriptions (X2 experience/drop rate etc.) for a specific time, but still, it is not required to pay to be able to play the game.

The main issue in F2P is the balance of the game, it is common that some financially well-off players will dish out several hundred bucks just to get strong and pawn other players in the game, which really suck for a normal gamer or for some “wise-spender” in the F2P world. Also, Free MMORPGs are prone to spammers and scammers; anyone can join and create a new account making an annoying and negative impact to the F2P world. But none the less, it is still free; anyone can still experience a decent MMORPG without the subscription fee.

On the other hand, P2P MMORPGs that requires a weekly/monthly subscription before one can play are having a hard time going up against the less expensive F2P games. The pressure is so intense that they need to come up with something new and give their respective games an edge over F2P games. If a developer is too slow to fix an exploit or inconsistent with content updates, odds are players will shift to a new game.

One strong edge of P2P MMORPGs is the integrity of the game. Being a P2P game, players that have malicious intent like hackers, scammers, spammers cannot penetrate the game easily because of the money they will spend just to fool around.

Either way, discipline and spending money wisely is the key. Whether you are playing a F2P or P2P game, you still have the most powerful item in your hand… and that is your freedom to decide.

Irie Rastafari,

Gamerce CGS

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[Open Beta] We Would Like to Listen to the Different Colors of your Opinion.


Dear Valued Members and Visitors,

We in GAMERCE believe that success is an event that one has accomplished its intended purpose. And with all sincerity, our purpose is to deliver the best service and satisfaction to all our customers. This motivates us to strive harder to improve the one existing and give response to what is needed. Because of this, GAMERCE is now opening a feedback board.

GAMERCE was launched last April 1. But we would like to run the open beta to hear our future members' voices where we can develop and establish more user-focused and user-based community and service.

We would like to encourage all our visitors to join GAMERCE. Feel free to utilize all our features and let us know how you want us to improve them for you. Every suggestion is a step forward to build a better GAMERCE for everybody's convenience. Your suggestions will be much appreciated and we will closely listen to it.

Tell us your opinion on how we can have a stronger policy that would resolve the security concerns, easier payment method, find reasonable market fee, encourage GAMERCE Guardian program, empower the user communication, etc.

Open beta is for a limited period only. And during this stage, we will exempt all the market fees.

Please feel free to join and let us know anything you need.

Thank you!

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From Experience: Pros and Cons of playing MMORPG

In everything that we do, there are always pros and cons.. advantages and disadvantages. Just like in playing MMORPG, there are lots of "pros" and of course there are always consequences alongside with it. I strongly believe that playing MMORPGs is one of the worthwhile activities that anyone can enjoy in the virtual world, but just like any other activities.. it requires caution and should not be abused.

happy gamer

One of the best thing that I experienced in my MMORPG life is when I interact with other players, sharing thoughts and knowledge in-game and in real life which results in learning new things that can enhance my gaming experience and my real life as well. For almost 10 years of my MMORPG career, I can say that if players play wisely, it can be a good ventilation of stress and boredom for them especially if they need to relax and no time to go outdoors. But if you played too much, it will reverse the result and you can be stressed like you lost a million bucks in a Casino. So manage your time well and don't get too attached to your character.


If there is best, of course there's worst.. I remember my friend once told me "if you get too attached to something, there is a strong possibility that you may lost something in return", and he was right.

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50 Sexy Video Game Babes You Should Drool For

10. Lady - Devil May Cry -


Using a customized missile launcher as her weapon of choice.

9. Morrigan - Dark Stalkers -



8. Ada Wong - Resident Evil -


A secret agent of Chinese heritage with a mysterious past.

7. Rayne - Blood Rayne -


Killing enemies by straddling and sucking their blood.

6. Chun Li - Street Fighter -


With endless strong lightning kicks makes her very sexy.

5. Cammy - Street Fighter -


Nobody can rock the pigtails as sexy as her.

4. Mai Shiranui - Fatal Fury -


Beating on opponents with a fan and wearing a piece of cloth while she taunts her opponents by jumping up and down.

3. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider -


One of the first female video game characters to actually look sexy. Also portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the movie.

2. Samus Aran - Metroid -


A space bounty hunter with the ability to bend and shape into a ball. The possibilities are endless.

1. Tifa - Final Fantasy -


With a unforgettable personality and sex appeal plus also the fact she looks better and better in each subsequent game release makes her the the top of this list. I’ve literally fell in love with her since FF7 10 years ago.

Full info here: 50 Sexy Video Game Babes You Should Drool For


LOTR : A Beginner's Guide..

Is there any form of PvP in LotRO?

There sure is. But it’s different from what you might expect. Being that the notion of elves mass killing hobbits was distinctly un-Tolkien, Turbine has created Monster Play for players to help them free the beast within.

What is Monster Play?
Monster play, or PvMP, is Player versus Monster Player. What that means is instead of hobbits and elves fighting it out among themselves, a system has been created that lets players take temporary control of “monsters” and fight the higher level regular player characters of LotRO.

Great, so now instead of worrying about an elf killing my hobbit, I have to worry about roving bands of Monter Players?
Not at all! The PvMP system is 100% consensual in nature for just that very reason. Anyone who does not wish to partake in the PvMP never has to, not even for a second. The ongoing battle takes place in the isolated world area of the Ettenmoors, and you won’t find yourself accidentally stumbling into the area either. It’s only accessible through talking with specific NPCs.

Hmm… okay, I’m intrigued. Tell me more about PvMP.
Well let’s give you a run-down of its features, and we’ll go from there.
- The Ettenmoors is a large, fully-developed region, about the same size as the Shire.
- Players on each side start in a “no-kill zone”. You won’t be thrown into the Ettenmoors, and immediately waylaid by opponents.
- The objectives that either side must strive to attain are defeating the enemy in combat, completing PvE and PvP driven quests, and of course, maintaining your sides hold on several Keeps and Towers.
- There are five monster classes to choose from when creating a Monster to patrol the Ettenmoors with.

The Monster Play Zone: The Ettenmoors.

What classes are available for creating a monster?
The five “classes” of monsters are as follows:
The Uruk Warleader – The main tank of the Monster side, this hefty orc is directly intended to be the leader in groups. With powerful in combat and out of combat buffs, as well as the ability to heal and do moderate damage per second, the Warleader is sort of a jack of all trades.

The Orc Reaver – The Champion class for Monsters, the Orc Reaver is your most essential damage doer. Also with the ability to de-buff, interrupt skills, and do some tanking, he’s a crafty foe not to be taken for granted.

The Uruk Blackarrow – And expert Uruk orc Archer, this class is a ranged damage dealer with some crowd control abilities, and a sprinkling of area of effect damage dealing.

The Warg Stalker – A stealthy canine abomination of the Dark Lord’s army. These pups are proficient in doing high burst damage, they can serve as a tank in some pinches, and are capable of interrupting opposing players spells and skills.

The Spider Weaver – Similar to the spiders often found giving travelers trouble across Eriador, these little 8-legged freaks are efficient at crowd control, damage over time, some light damage dealing, and even some ambush attacks. It should be noted that you can’t have alts of your monster characters. You can play one of each class though, and their names are permanent upon creations. So choose wisely.

The Monster Selection Window

How do I play as a monster in the Ettenmoors?

Making a monster character or "creep" as they are so lovingly called is easy!
Start off by leveling a regular player aka "freep" to level 10, once you have done that, monster play is simple! Before log in to your freep,
you will see in your character window a red bar labeled "Monster Play". Once entered on that side, you will have a choice of several
different types of Monster Players to chose from!

Monster Player Tab

Can I level my monster and make him stronger over time, like a normal character?
Yes and no. Your monsters will start as level 50 regardless of what level you first step into its skin. They’re not on par statistically or skill-wise with a level 50 player, but more so like a mob that a player would be fighting at that level.

This was done because Turbine anticipates at all times there being more monsters than players (who must be upper-level to play in PvMP) and therefore the fighting field should be level. Monsters can grow in strength though, through the acquisition of Infamy and Destiny Points.

The Orc Reaver craves the blood of fat hobbits...

What are Infamy and Destiny Points?
Sort of like experience for monster players, these can grant or enable things like additional skills, improvements to current skills, bonuses to the monster’s Morale, regenerations rates, armor mitigation, and so on. Players can also gain additional appearances to change the look of their monsters over time via the Infamy system.

I heard talk about maps... where do I get these?
Glad you asked! One of the most important things to have out in the 'Moors are your maps. There are a total of 15 maps you can get on the Creep side. 3 maps for each Keep:

*Tol Ascarnen
*Tirith Rhaw
*Grimwood Lumber Camp

Each map can be obtained by doing quests for each keep. Starting, you need 10 quests to obtain your Crude map to the Keep, followed by 25 quests for your Poor map to that keep, then finally 50 quests total for your Good Map. The Crude and Poor maps all share the same timer, so if you use your Crude Grimwood Map, the timers for the rest of your Maps will start the cooldown also. The only maps that do not share a cooldown are the Good Maps, they are all on a seperate timer.

There is also a Gramsfoot Map you can obtain by "scounting" out the different keeps or (depending on the keep) talking to one of the NPC's there. this you have to do without dying so make sure you steer clear of the fighting!

Okay, now I know how to be a monster, but how do I play my main character in the Ettenmoors?Glad you asked! Of course, you’ll first need to level your character to level 40 though, as that’s the lowest level you can enter the Ettenmoors as. It’s probably a better idea to level him or her a bit higher though, as everything in the zone is geared towards top level players. Once you’ve done this, here’s what you’ll need to do:
- Travel to Rivendell by any means possible
- Find the Horse Stables in the Western section of the area (known as Elrond’s Stables).
- Right click on Stablemaster Remros then select Ettenmoors and click the “Go!” button. You’ll be taken to the Ettenmoors, where you can begin your quest to rid the area of Sauron’s forces. The objectives for the player character side of things are similar to the monster side. Kill the monsters, complete the quests scattered across the zone, and attain and keep control over the keeps and towers in the area. Doing all of these things will reward your player with Destiny Points.

What can my character do with Destiny Points?
Destiny Points are earned for the player by completing quests and generally waging war with the Monster Players in Ettenmoors. They can be used for special buffs and traits for your character as well as “per-session” buffs upon entering the Ettenmoors.

Will my weapons and armor take damage when I die in PvMP?
Your character’s items will not take damage when he or she is killed by a Monster Player. It is important to note however, that they will take damage if you are killed off by one of the many mobs patrolling the area. But worry not, for no matter who defeats you, revenge is only a few minutes away. You simply need to “rez” at a nearby respawn point and head back into the fray.

What about player character rewards, like items and other things of that nature?
Oh, they’re available. Destiny points and general partaking in Monster Play will help you acquire the necessary things needed for acquiring such rewards. I’ll leave it up to you to find out just what is available for your acquisition. Here's a pick of some of the perks available, just to wet your whistle...

Some Monster Play Perks

Is there anything else I need to know, before I go smiting the evil (or the good) of Middle-Earth?
Just remember to travel in packs, be you on the bad or the good side. A solo-player will likely be eaten up in the Ettenmoors, as most players go with the mob mentality when indulging in PvP. Secondly, remember that defeat is not permanent. If you fall in battle, all you need to do is run back to the fight, and give it another shot. No shame in being beaten. And lastly, remember to have fun. That’s what the game is about. Friendly competition, with the added perks of rewards from all your bloodshed.

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World of Warcraft Online

Four years have passed since the aftermath of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and a great tension now smolders throughout the ravaged world of Azeroth. As the battle-worn races begin to rebuild their shattered kingdoms, new threats, both ancient and ominous, arise to plague the world once again.

World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe. Players assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world. World of Warcraft is a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" which allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together or fighting against each other in epic battles, players will form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power and glory.

12 Sky2 Online

About Twelve Sky 2:

Twelve Sky 2 is an adrenaline-pumping Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on an oriental fantasy theme of ancient China. Offering a uniquely intense and addictive faction vs. faction based gaming system, Twelve Sky 2 is filled with battle and action which is bound to satisfy all the PvP needs of veteran and new players alike. Players may choose from any of the three classes of each faction, then develop their skills, sharpen their weapons and refine their armor to produce a character fit for battle against the other Factions. But it isn't all about PvP, Twelve Sky also caters to a player's solo and party needs too! Explore a factions’ vast maps to kill monsters, party with comrades, complete an endless array of quests, or hunt down bosses and attain riches and fame along the way. Twelve Sky 2 also introduces a fourth faction, the Nangin. However, this new faction is not available at character creation. Players must achieve a high level to join this Faction, leaving their previous teammates and friends. All this and more! Best of all is Twelve Sky is Free to Play!


-Brutal death animations and knockback against monsters
-Large-scale fast-paced Player vs. Player (PvP) battle system
-A large variety of authentic weapons and thousands of unique items
-Elaborate weapon and armor enhancing system
-Regularly updated content

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Real Money Trading in MMORPG items from a Legal and Policy Perspective

This article questions the legal status of Real Money Trading (RMT) in MMORPGs. Noting that in-game items are virtually treated as personal property, but are only legally recognised as information goods, the right of ownership of these goods belongs to the developers, and players have a right to use, as conferred by the terms of service.

I argue that the object of RMT is neither the item itself nor the right to use the item, but rather something entirely distinct one - 'play values', and the monetary compensation is a 'gwonri-geum' (goodwill) payment. This analysis makes an analogy between the transfer of goodwill and RMT, where the transfer is not a purchase of an item or the right to use, but rather a payment for the effort the other party has invested in obtaining the item. On this analysis, RMT does not concern the operator any more than sales of goodwill concern the lesser of a business property.

It follows that if RMT is a transfer of goodwill, then it must fall within the domain of private autonomy of players, and developers and publishers have no legal standing to ban RMT. Such bans are unfair insofar as they heavily infringe upon players' autonomy and their rights to the intangible value they have created.

However, because the value in RMT transactions is the goodwill associated with the item and not the item itself, RMT does not impose liability on the publishers for protection of the item's market value. Publishers ought to disclaim any involvement and liability with regard to RMT between players, but reserve the right to regulate the in-game behaviour of players.

I concludes that, pointing out many publishers do not care to correct structural issues in their games which lead to RMT, as RMT indirectly increases their revenue, doing away with nominal bans on RMT and restructuring in-game social platform fairly can alleviate the problems recognised in South Korea.

FFXI Mass Banning!!!

just heard the news that SquareEnix banned 7900 accounts in Final Fantasy XI, and that got me thinking. Most MMORPGs have some form of permaban, and they go through banning waves where many accounts will get hit at once. Every few months a company will ban a bunch of players to combat the illegal use of their game (the FFXI report focuses on currency selling and botting). The real question is why? Why have these huge banning waves instead of just banning people as you discover they are using the game illegally?

In any MMORPG with a tradeable currency system and the ability to get really good and cool stuff with that currency, there will be people trying to sell it outside the game. Also, with any game that has a difficult levelling system (such as World of Warcraft) or something to unlock (like Jedi in classic Star Wars Galaxies) there will be people trying to sell accounts that are max level or unlocked. People will try to use the game to make money in real life, and they will try to take advantage of the players of the MMORPG. No matter how many accounts are banned, currency selling is still a major business in almost every MMORPG, with a few exceptions.

The question remains: Why use banning waves to try and get rid of these activities instead of just shutting them down when you find them? I can't count the number of times I've seen and reported botters and people selling currency in-game. I can count the number of times those accounts were banned: zero. I have a habit of adding the botter to my friends list to see when they get banned, and have yet to see an account go grey for more than a day. Even after massive bans, they usually are still there (and still botting in the same areas). So why release these huge ban waves that don't really even do anything?

Well, the simple answer is PR. If a company does nothing, they are negligent. The player base largely grumbles against currency and account sellers, as well as power levelling services. Developers could go and take very affirmative action against accounts that are suspect, but they don't. Every account is generating money for the company, and if they ban every farming account, it would take a significant chunk out of their pocket. So instead of banning every account, they ban a large number of accounts every 3-6 months. I wonder how many of these accounts actually have subscriptions on them and are playable. The other thing that gets me is that gold farmers seem to know when a ban wave is coming. When poking around for information on this post, I found this which shows a number of times that a gold farmer had a "hunch" about a ban wave.

Why tolerate gold farming at all? Well, the simple fact is that it is a lot of free advertising. Each gold farming website hits high on certain google searches. Having power levellers and gold sellers makes the game easier for those with money, and people who don't have to grind through 70 levels and get a bunch of gold will pick up the game sooner than those worried about a grind. When you think about it, if it weren't for gold farmers, the economies of many servers wouldn't be nearly as developped as they are. Gold farmers go out there and find rare loot and raw materials and sell them to make gold. In turn, those materials would be far costlier and less available without them. Gold farmers have their benefits, I guess.

The best explanation for why MMORPG companies ban in waves seems to be so that they can keep gold farmers in the game spending money and making money, but still seem like they're taking care of their players. The moderators of the game cannot be so inept that they get lucky every few months but otherwise ban nobody. The only way to keep gold farming low is to actively ban those that do it, and not ban in mass waves every few months. They are in a catch-22, they cannot state that gold farming is legal according to the terms and conditions of the game, because that would upset a lot of players, but they cannot ban them all outright because the farmers benefit the developers.

Top 10 worst things than can happen to an MMORPG Player

What are the worst things that can happen to an MMORPG player?

10. The server is not responding. Please try again later.

9. Patch Day.

8. Remember that real life friend you begged your long time guild to let in? He just ripped off two guildies, ninja looted the big raid and sold half of the guild bank on the auction house. 7. Your guild finally gets a voice chat server. You realize after 4 years of playing with them, you can't stand these people.

6. We're sorry, but this account has been suspended for violating the terms of service.

5. You just found out that the game you built a website for and you've been following religiously for the past 5 years was silently produced by a collaborative effort between Brad McQuaid and Lord British.

4. After losing your job, divorcing your spouse and having your kids taken away by youth services for the amount of time you spend in your MMORPG, they release an expansion that makes it all worthless.

3. Your company is losing money and ready to close the doors, luckily the company was just purchased by SOE for pennies on the dollar and you might get to keep your job.

2. You login to your MMORPG account and your guild bank has been cleared, your guild has been disbanded and your character was deleted. While on hold with customer service trying to undo the apparent hacking of your account, your spouse walks into the room to tell you he/she is filing for a divorce.

1. The chick you've been cybering for the past 2 years has finally asked for a real life meeting and you brag about it to all your guild mates. When you arrive at the restaurant, an overweight and bearded man named Bob says "Hi, I'm Electra".

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The Ten Most Profitable MMOGs

No big surprise: World of Warcraft takes the top spot. As for some of the other entries on this list, you may have never even heard of them. That is, unless you're six years old.

According to a report by analysts Screen Digest, MMOGs are still big money, and World of Warcraft is sitting at the top of the cash pile. In 2008, the MMOG market in Europe and North America grew by 22% and is estimated to keep on keeping on as gamers attempt to satisfy their unquenchable desire for phat lewts and tedious grinding

While WoW's dominance is no surprise here, Screen Digest's findings for the rest of the MMOG market revealed a number of surprising results. When gauging the most popular MMOGs, the analysts used revenue made from subscription fees as opposed to the commonly cited player/subscriber population numbers. So, even though most of us would imagine games like EverQuest II and Age of Conan as virtual ghost towns, apparently they're still turning enough of a profit to make it into the top ten most money making MMOGs.

Sitting just behind WoW at second place is Club Penguin, a Disney-owned kid-oriented MMOG where users create avatars that are - you guessed it - penguins and play all sorts of fun minigames in a Flash-built virtual world. In third place behind Club Penguin is another game built for the PG-13-and-under crowd, RuneScape. Both Club Penguin and RuneScape offers paid premium accounts in addition to free basic accounts, evidently an extremely profitable business model. Guess lots of kids really want to dress up their penguins in silly hats and are able to convince their parents to fork over the Visa cards.

In the mid-tier of profitability are Eve Online, Final Fantasy XI, The Lord of the Rings Online and Dofus, which is apparently all the rage in France. Rounding out the bottom of the list are the aforementioned Age of Conan, City of Heroes and EverQuest II. Warhammer Online didn't make the list as it was released too late to be included in the study.

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Why Do People Buy Virtual Goods in MMO's?

Massively multiplayer online gamers spend hours -- so many hours -- working towards obtaining virtual gear. Epic armor sets, mounts, player housing, faction ships... the list goes on, and will continue to go on. Our collective fascination with these intangibles ensures our desire for them -- and for those things beyond a player's reach solely within the virtual realm, real world cash makes all things possible.

This is the research focus of Ph.D. student Vili Lehdonvirta of the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, who breaks down our buyer's impulse according to three criteria:

Functional attributes, such as speed, hitpoints, teleportation.

Hedonic attributes, or how the virtual gear looks or sounds, its provenance or its connection to the background fiction of the setting, and of course customizability.

Social attributes, particularly the prestige accorded with ownership of a rare item.

Have a look at his "Virtual item sales as a revenue model: identifying attributes that drive purchase decisions" for a thorough analysis of why many of us are so inclined to obtain something that's ultimately ephemeral, which goes beyond the simpler "useful vs. decorative" angle.

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Cabal Force Blader Guide


FB is a an all-round balanced character with decent stats, good in both PvE (Player versus Environment/Monsters) and PvP (Player vs Player). No doubt that FBs have the best looking gears/equipments and skill animations + some Devil May Cry kind of style in them which is too cool to resist.

Also, due to FBs skill distribution which goes to all STR, INT and DEX, enable them to wear all type of equipments (Amourset, Battleset, Martialset) according to your needs (eg. armourset for more def, martial for more def rate, battleset for better looking and balance def+def rate)

However being a hybrid class, FB's stats distribution made them a weak melee class character compare to Warriors and Bladers because of their low base attack and base defense. But with a good combination of gears/equipments, FBs can really pawn hard.

Stats distribution:
Force Blader
Per Level 2.5HP 1.5MP
Attack 0.23 0.1 0.23
Magic Attack 0.1 0.3 0.25
Defense 0.125 0.1 0.125
Hit Rate 0.4 0.4 1.75
Defense Rate 0.1 0.1 1

As you can see DEX and STR both give the same att and def, but DEX gives more hit rate and def rate, hence most of FB stat points shall be invested on DEX. But, in order to be able to wear osmium armourset (more def) and blades/crystals(more attack), FBs should follow Force Shielders stats which is quite similar to FBs' (For STR and INT). However this does not apply to all FBs, it depends on players' style. As for all the extra stat points or the rest of the points after you put in str and int for your set, shall all go into DEX.


As stated, FBs can wear anything from martial to battle to armours except those class specifics like mythril, terragrace or shadowtitaniums. That all depends on players' style, on how they want their FB to be. But to simplify things, FBs' gears should be focusing on 1. Critical rate 2. Critical damage 3. Sword amp. Since FBs have relatively low base attack, FBs don't do much damage from amp gears. Plus, with Lightning Blade Buff skill, FBs can really crit well.

The only parts you can fit crit rate/dmg on are helm, weapons and rings. So consider using deathblow helms (+crit rate) and slot crit damage, blades/katanas/crystal/orbs slotted with +crit rate/dmg, 1 ring of luck+2 (+crit rate) and 1 ring of fighter +7/8/9/10.

The rest components like suit, gloves, boots should go sword amp if possible. Remember that parts that you can fit +HP on are only suits and boots, so the best is go for double slotted gears (eg. 1 slot +HP, 1 slot +amp), crafted or slot extended gears are much better of course due to bonus slot effects (provided if you have slot extenders).

As for amulet, consider Amulet of Battler (+HP +MP) or Amulet of Guard (+def +def rate) or Amulet of Pain (+ max crit rate), depends. For bracelets, Bracelet of Figther (+att +sword amp +min dmg, etc) is your best bet and for earrings, use Earring of Guard or Vital Earring.

That only applies to general FB equips. FB gears need to vary according to levels and situations (eg. against different classes or dungeons), so you should know for yourself what to put on accordingly. For better PvP performance, try focus on Crit Rate/Dmg, Amp and HP.

For PvE, you can consider switching into HP steal gears to survive longer with minimum potion usage. For example, use 1 life absorb ring (1 is already enough) and the rest parts go for +max HP steal (eg. vampiric amulet, vampiric earrings, etc) to increase your lifesteal limit. Crit rate/dmg, amp + plenty of def/def rate gears also do fine in PvE, lifesteal is just an alternative (once again, it depends on players' style)


Although FBs don't do much damage, their skills have additional effects such as lower enemy's defense, attack, and deal damage overtime (which is really useful).

Generally, skills that are worth keeping in high levels are:
Sword: Infernal Impact (lvl9 or 12) , Force Impact (lvl18 or 20), Abyssal Crystal, Infernal Stigma, Round Cut , Force Assault, Dance of Ruin, Force Slash (all lvl20), dash and fade step.

Magic: Enervation, Lightning Canon, Wind Canon, Aqua Canon, Stone Canon, Lightning Blade, Aqua Vitality, Lower Defense, Wind Movement, Blind, Earth Guard (all lvl20)

Upgrade: Vitality Mastery, Offensive Sense, Defensive Sense, Impact Control, Damage Absorb and Sixth Sense

For PvP, FB's greatest advantage is that they can stack Damage Over Time, which skills are Infernal Impact, Force Assault and Force Slash. These skills if used consecutively can do quite a damage, given that Force Assault (62 DOT @ lvl20), Force Slash (62 DOT @ lvl20) and Infernal Impact (39 DOT @ lvl9), which means you can deal an additional of approximately 163 (should be less) for every 2 seconds over 8 seconds = woot!. Continue with skills like Dance of Ruin and Abyssal Crystal then end your combo with Force Impact or Infernal Impact (if you can handle the cool time). Use fast casting time skills to deal more dps (damage per second) and avoid using long cast time skills like Infernal Stigma and Force Impact in the middle of your combo, they often get you killed before you can cast other skills.

As for PvE, Infernal Stigma is your best friend, as its the only stun skill you have, besides those knock down skills like Dance of Ruin. My combo is Stigma>Dance>Infernal Impact>Crystal>Round Cut and sometimes replace round cut with Force Impact, when i need more aoe. But most of the time I don't use Force Impact since round cut+crystal deals more dps.

Battle Modes:

Ultimately, FB has one of the best BM1 but also one of the worst BM2. Basically in BM1, all you have to do is to cast magic canons to buff yourself, like aqua canon for aqua vitality effect (+HP +MP +regen), stone canon for earth guard effect (+def), wind canon for wind movement effect (+hit/def rate) and lightning canon for lightning blade effect (+att +crit rate/dmg). After casting these 4 canons, you'll have all the buffs and your stats will be ridiculously high like your HP going more than 3000, def going near 1000 and so and so... depends on your canons lvl though. Other magic skills are useless in BM1, so just stick with those 4 and bust your way with sword skills.

For BM2, you got sytle, you got cool skill animes. In BM2, you can cast a huge + cool AOE skill and you get to shoot lasers using magic canons. You can charge up to 3 stages in BM2, which is by using sword skills, so basically 1 sword skill for 1 additional laser for up to 3 lasers, then release the lasers using any magic canon. However you are limited to use only certain sword skills in BM2, which does not include stigma and etc... but you can still cast Infernal Impact though.


Rohan Defender 1-50 Guide

The Build:
As the title says this will be your build till level 50. From lvl 1~5 go full dex base needed so you dont miss everything you attack in PvP. Then from lvl 6 onwards you should go 3vit 1 str till you hit 50.

Taunt: lvl 1 (max lvl)
Rising Might: lvl 5
Protection: lvl 5
Sharpen Blade:lvl 5
Bless Shield: lvl 5
Charge: lvl 5

Optional Skills:

Invoke: lvl 1 - Your dex is only 50 so dont bother puttin any more points into this.
Bleeding: lvl 1 - The higher the lvl the longer it lasts...no point in wasting points here.
Assult Crash:lvl 1 - The higher the level the larger the range, i wasn't to sure about this so i left it at 1.
Shield Push: lvl 1-5 - This skill does some heavy damage and works nicely with charge as the stun negates the push back effect.
i'll just update this thread after i finished my guide ok... thanks

Rohan Bow Scout Guide

Bow Scout
-Please take note that this entire long post is purely based for Bow Scout.

Skills Built
-I know it's easier to do a direct allocation of 90+ SP in all the skills desired but the fact that you are going to start from lvl1 and reaching 99 is not an easy task; means you should put SP allocation in a stage by stage or lvl by lvl ranges basis.

-Assuming that you are just going into creation of a totally new HE:

As an Archer, you should look into saving as many SP as possible from 1-50, so that you can max essential skills asap, particularly the Buffs in Scout tree.

Frozen : 5
Psychic Pierce : 1
Long shot : 5
Nimble : 5
Fatal : 5
Piercing Root : 5
Double Strike : 5

This set should be your priority till you reach 50. The others not mentioned from your SP built are mainly pvp-intended and should only be considered when you reach a considerable level imo.

Bow Mastery : 5
Melt : 1
Detect : 1
Alacrity : 5
Drill Shot : 5
Ka'el's Arrow : 5
Multi-shot : 5
Violent Shot :5
Rain Shot : 5
Pouring Shot : 5
All in one :5

Ka'els Arrow Should Be Maxed After Maxing All your AoE Skills...

-It would be safe to add a vit per lvl, or around 130-150 base vita. Rest to dex. Some stuffs that can further boost this would be General Talisman(+10 or +30), Costumes, Accessories, Added stats from weapons, Enchantment from Armors, and IM scrolls. A good 10k+ when you are 9x with almighty should suffice you for most pvp situation. For now, just 1 vit per lvl on base stats is ideal.

Rohan Half-Elf Quest

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lv10 quest, "The Fiance of Ka'el Dutton" from Arien(locatted at the entrance when you used town bind=>Kainon=>and run in to

Kainon), talk to Turmel and Zhonat Rotus both locatted inside the town of Kainon, use M to your advantage here.

lv20 quest, "Recollect the past" from Quaid Berkins(Kainon General near Guide Office inside Kainon Town), talk to

Joshua(Southward inside Kainon town), kills 20 Apir Noble that can be found mostly in D3 of Morrisen/Kainon.

lv25 quest, "Unforeseen Obstacles", lvl25 Quest, start with Joshua. Involves talking to Turmel, Quaid Berkins, Zibrian and

ends with delivery to Zibrian.Belonging of Ka-El are located right outside GH. They are like crates called "Waste Pile" lying

around on the ground and spawns randomly, but everywhere just around outside GH at coord C6.

lv30 quest, "Immortal Love", talking to Robdun at Orc Fortress, then killing some Dark Soul(within Ahkma).

lv35 quest, "From Exile" : is from Luake Monastery(off Vena) from Lacriss. You have to first kill spectres to get the staff

to drop then open some big bags from each of the room in Luake Monastery and you get those quest items randomly.

lv40 quest, "What Happened in the Monastery"(off Vena) from Lacriss. Kill the boss Demon Hezward from lvl2 of Luake

Monastery. Best to have a good lvl6x+ pt to assist you, tough boss with magical ranged and stun.

lv45 quest, "The Gypsy Prophecy", Helena (from Ezker bind, buy a Ezker Bind Scroll from GH), you need 25 Elixir(not lesser or

anything, just Elixir) and a Book of Luake which you can purchase at 200 crones from Oneal Ezker Island Peddler (located at

Ezker bind, just few steps away from Helena)

lv50 quest, "How Times Flies", from Zhonat Rotus (from Kainon town), fighting a easier boss Orc Knight in Armana Manor

located near Oct Fortress. It inflict melee attacks but not entirely hard, he is soloable if you are 6x, if not best to get a

priest friend to company you.

lv52 quest, "The Cold Season", from Norberto (Rahkon Lvl1 entrance, enter a structure North of Limestone Bind and at the

entrance you find Norberto), This involved finding a Key and a Noberto Box. Key can be obtained from Chain Armor Tauric and

Box is located randomly, usually at Tauric Room or Ravanna Room. However, please be reminded that you can hunt the Key in

party, but not open the Box in party mode. If not both keys will be consumed. This happened to me as i forgot to withdraw

from party and had to endure another session alone finding the key as my partner completed and left >_<. Basically, best do

your solo quest in Solo mode, apart from boss quests.

lv55 quest, "Behold The Truth", from Jerop (at Limestone bind, one of the tentage). You be killing some really easy Chaos

Ursa located at Map Geizan, coord i8-9.

lv55 quest, "The place that Escaped Fate", from Agnes (from Limestone bind, Limestone Foothill Guard, right beside the bind,

person whom you save your bind with), Delivering report to 2 personnels, 1 called Ghoster 1 called Toaz. Ghoster is at

Shrouded Mansion West of Pine Plateau Bind or South of LimeStone Bind. Locating him is tricky... he is located at the frontal

part of the Mansion, at the specters site. A first-person directions will be, enter the very main front entrance of Shrouded,

you see on your right specters, but continue frontward and on your right again at the 2nd site, you will see Ghoster.

Structural based directions will be taking 4 corners from the very front entrance, he is at the North-East corner of the

specter site. If you cant locate him still, just walk to each of the 4 corner of the specter site, and you gotta be very near

before you can see him, a true Ghoster ~_~". Toaz is just located at Geizan Map coord H4.

lv58 quest, "The Identity of Merchants", from Jerop(at Limestone bind, one of the tentage). This time you head back to Map

Geizan, coord i8-9 killing some Chaos Drake.

lv60 quest, "First Conversation in 50 years", from Jerop(once again at Limestone Bind). 5 rainbow trout for this quest. Fish

it..and with luck, if not buy them =x And submit them to Queen of Vena, and i hope you dont get bugged out, cuz you should

receive a Queen Pendant. If not please kindly approach a GM on live messenger for assistance.

lv62 quest, "The Honorable Death", To talk to Rihit Del Lago(King Of Einhoren/Human town), get the authority to hunt Shard of

Baron Victor Vlen boss, then proceed to Black Dragon Santuary at Geizan C8 with a party to kill it. This boss can be done and

finished in party. Get some good min 7x DD and priest to go with you. Can be very tough if you attempt at 6x, he hits hard.

After finishing go back to King of Einhoren/Human Town to complete the quest.

lv66 quest, "The Attack on Water Temper Garden", start with Rihit Del Lagos(King of Einhoren/Human town), hand in a work

report to Jerop(situated at Limestone Bind) in which he will ask you to hunt down Aqua Archer. Aqua Archer, must be done solo

and killable with just 1 person. Can be found at C8 from Pine Plateau Bind. Once done, report back at Jerop.

lv72 quest, "Monster and More Monster", from Jerop(at Limestone bind near tentage). Now the target is Aqua Armorer, go to D3

of map Del Lagos/Einhoren, must be done solo and killable with solo. Just beware that he may hit a little hard but has short

life. Report to Jerop once done.

lv80 quest, "Sacred Blood Knights", from Tyra(at Limestone bind near tentage near Jerop). This involve killing of 50 Luake

Fanatic. Luake Fanatic are situated at Spire of Redemption C2 of Limestone bind. As you enter Spire, go to your right, and

you will see a few hidden behind the buildings there, dont need to proceed up the stairs as there are none there. There are a

total of 10 on the entire right side. Once done, report back to Tyra

lv82 quest, "Belladios, the Key Instigator", from Tyra(at Limestone bind near tentage). Involves killing of a mini boss

Diozma Belladios. Can be found at I7 of Geizan. If you look specifically at Geizan Map I7, the mini boss is found just

alittle South of the River Stream, not above. Must be done solo and can be done solo. Report to Tyra once done.

lv84 quest, "The Queen that Awaits a Hero", from Tyra(at Limestone bind near tentage). A visit to Rima Regenon, Queen of Vena


lv84 quest, "Crystal of Chaos" from Dobert (at Limestone bind near tentage beside Jerop and Tyra), to collect Crystals of

Chaos by killing 100 Dulahan Magicians in R4. Can be done in party. Please at least get a high priest before going with this

quest and best with some DDs, cuz you going get aggro like mad at R4 and Dullahan Magicians hit hard too. Report back to

Dobert once done.

lv84 quest, "The Wall of Diozma" from Rima Regenon(from Queen of Vena), then talk to Dobert at Limestone Bind.

lv84 quest, "With united strength" from Dobert(at Limestone bind near tentage), to hunt R4 miniboss in each room, set of 4

would be all the lvl75 bosses: Groghtto, Varcyon, Belzac, Fel Conscript. Can be done in party, and please gather at least 2

parties of 9x(or just join in your guild's daily/weekly/random boss raids) to proceed. Proceed back to Dobert once done.

lv84 quest, "Soldiers on standby" from Dobert, talk to Dobert to complete.

lv84 quest, "Darkness to Light", from Hoyar(at Limestone bind near tentage next to Dobert), to hunt R4 main boss Zeitgeist

right in the middle. Get at least 2 parties of 9x to proceed. Good luck.

More to come.

lv10 Trap Striker or Ivory Cescent Crossbow*1
lv20 Elemental Set*1
lv25 Lesser Mana/Healing Remedy*5
lv30 Whirlwind Striker or Plantom Crossbow*1
lv35 Darkness Set*1
lv40 Enhancement Stone*1
lv45 Ferric Long Bow or Great Crossbow*1
lv50 "Faith of xxx" Any stats+15/hp+200 Accessory of your choice
lv52 Random stats Imperial Topaz Ring*1
lv55 Rhodium Set*1
lv58 Tormaline Set*1
lv60 Random stats Carnelian Ring or Bracer*1
lv62 "Soul of xxx" Any stats+20/Hp+300 Accessory of your choice
lv66 Greater Elixir*5
lv72 Blood Alliance Set*1 24PD/MD
lv80 Superior Healing/Mana Remedy*5
lv83 Appentium Set*1 28PD/MD
lv84 Random stats Blue Diamond Ring/Necklace/Bracers*1, total of 3
lv84 Superior Elixir*5
lv84 "Shine of xxx" Any stats +25/Hp+500 Accessory of your choice

Please be informed that for all the quests, there is experience given too apart from rewards. For quests listed but no

mention of items/potions reward, it's just experience % for reward.


Updated 13 Nov 08

-Added lvl60-84 quests.

-Added lvl10 and 20 quests, cant locate lvl15 quest by any means, possiblilities that it was combined within lvl20 quest,

need some assistance in sourcing this portion.

-Added and corrected the correct names for the R4 Bosses.

-Added rewards for various quests, stats of which not stated, i had forgottened, will appreciate any assistance in updating

the list of reward.

Rohan Crone Repeatable Quests

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Traitor's Guillotine (NE of Einhoren)

Start NPC Meldie
Mission Name Study of Monsters
Mission Level 32
Mission Details Kill Skeletal Rider (42)
Reward 20130 Crone

Start NPC Alfredo
Mission Name Alfred's Concern
Mission Level 12
Mission Details Collect Lost Boxes (x10)
Reward 1284 Crone

Start NPC Theresia
Mission Name Trace of the Sun
Mission Level 16
Mission Details Kill Corsair's
Reward 3024 Crone

Start NPC Fers Hahnt
Mission Name Form Secret Bond
Mission Level 20
Mission Details Kill Drexter's (x17)
Reward 5130 (supposedly bugged and giving half the amount)

Start NPC Humphrey
Mission Name Combat Ration
Mission Level 24
Mission Details Collect Tough Meat (x26)
Reward 9460 Crone
Provided by Alcyone on Sat Jun 07, 2008

Start NPC Meldie
Mission Name Study of Monsters
Mission Level 32
Mission Details Kill Skeletal Rider (x42)
Reward 20130 Crone
Provided by honam on Sun Jun 08, 2008


Mission Name Beast of Bergendy Brewery
Mission Level 34
Mission Details Hunt 45 Stonefist Toukens
Reward 23214 Crones

Start NPC Turmel
Mission Name Neverending Battle
Mission Level 12
Mission Details Collect Black Hide from ghouls (x10)
Reward 1284 Crone

Start NPC Quaid Berkins
Mission Name Creature That Sucks the Life of Forest
Mission Level 16
Mission Details Collect Giant Tigerspider Legs (x12)
Reward 3024 Crone

Start NPC Joshua
Mission Name War Equipment of Revenge and Mourning
Mission Level 20
Mission Details Collect Lancer Sentry's Necklace's (x17)
Reward 5130 Crone (supposedly bugged and giving half the amount)

Start NPC Polze & Tempest Watchout
Mission Name Continuing Research
Mission Level 24
Mission Details Collect Molars of a Drexter Fanglord (x26)
Reward 9460 Crone


Start NPC Beslodio
Mission Name Calvary's Significance
Mission Level 24
Mission Details Collect Calvary's Valor (26x)
Reward 9460 Crones

Start NPC Beslodia
Mission Name Secret warrior
Mission Level 28
Mission Details kill revergers (34)
Reward 14464 Crone

Start NPC Beslodia
Mission Name Fate and Honer
Mission Level 36
Mission Details kill Marvas knights (49)
Reward 26470 Crone

Start NPC Lusdana
Mission Name Invitation is Required
Mission Level 12
Mission Details Collect Golo's Laughter (x10)
Reward 1284 Crone

Start NPCBeslodia
Mission Name Secret Warrior
Mission Level 28
Mission Details Kill Ravegers (x34)
Reward 14464 Crone
Provided by Nismu on Mon Jun 09, 2008

Start NPC Beslodia
Mission Name Fate and Honer
Mission Level 36
Mission Details Kill Marvas Knights (x49)
Reward 26470 Crone
Provided by Nismu on Mon Jun 09, 2008


Start NPC Juvenal
Mission Name Fear
Mission Level 12
Mission Details Kill Drys (x10)
Reward 1284 Crone

Start NPC Venustus
Mission Name Eliminate Pirate Dhans
Mission Level 16
Mission Details Kill Corsair's (x6), Kill Marauder's (x6)
Reward 3024 Crone

Start NPC Aphrates
Mission Name Magic Weapon
Mission Level 20
Mission Details Collect Apir's Staff's (x17)
Reward 5130 Crone


Start NPC Tomstone
Mission Name Make Money First
Mission Level 36
Mission Details Collect 49 Super Elastic Alloy
Reward 26470 Crones

Start NPC Eldries
Mission Name Discarded Proof
Mission Level 34
Mission Details Hunt 45 Tonkens
Reward 23214 Crones

Cabal Force Archer Guide

Magic Skill:
Critical Shot - lvl 20
Repulsive Armour - lvl 20
Blind - lvl 1
Eagle eye - lvl 20
Poison Arrow - lvl 20
Lower Defense - lvl 20
[A. Expert]
Mana Condense - lvl 20
Shadow Shot - lvl 20
Vital Force - lvl 20
Drilled Shot - lvl 4
Greater Heal - lvl 20
Vital Bless - lvl 9
[A. Master]
Prismatic Arrow - lvl 20
[Grand Master]
Gravity Distortion - lvl 9

Now i will tell you how to use your skills.
Obviously with all the buff skills you buff yourself and others Now with attacking skills, this is which skills you should use
and where.

For PVP:
Obviously you start combo straight away and use these skills to attack:
Shadow Shot first (knockdown at start=good chance to win)
Critical Shot second (does allot of damage over a short period of time)
Gravity Distortion third (adds good damage with chance to stun)
Posion Arrow last (again, adds good damage and gives poison damage over time)
After you used these 4 skills repeat all of them again.

Now for PVE:
Gravity Distortion first (stuns for long time)
Poison Arrow second (good damage and gives poison damage over time)
Drilled Shot third (good damage)
Prismatic Arrow fourth (good damage again)
Use these 4 skills on monsters and if you combo vs a melee mob it will be very hard for him to reach you ^^
(You can also use the PVP combo in PVE, for example if you're killing a boss.)

Upgrade Skills:
When you reach Transcender you will have 6 upgrade slots. These are the upgrades you should buy and max:
Vitality Mastery (a must have for any char - adds alot of HP)
Force Control (another very good upgrade - adds alot of magic=more dmg)
Force Rolling (same as above but better ^^)
Damage Absorb (good upgrade skill - adds alot of defense)
Sixth Sense (a usefull skill in PVE - adds alot of def rate)

final skill you should pick either:
Reflex (if you like PVE more than PVP)

Equipment to use:
If you like PVP, try to get as much crit rate % and crit dmg % as possible.
And if you like PVE more, you can get more magic (although crit rate and dmg is good also)

Novice > power shot + random arrow
Apprentice > crit shot (keeper) + 2 random skills
Regular > crit shot + explosion shot + random skill
Expert > crit shot + explosion shot + poison arrow (keeper)
A expert > crit shot + shadow shot(keeper) + poison arrow.
Master (see A expert)
A Master (See A expert)
G Master Crit shot, shadow shot, poison arrow, Grav distortion, fire lance, terra lance.

Everything that isn't worth keeping should be at lvl 9.
Other skills at lvl20 besides grav.

Mana condense > 20
HP buff > 20
Repulsive armour > 20
greater heal > 20
The regen buff thingy > 9

Eagle eyes > 20

Combo all the way and follow your growth. After lvl60 focus your stats on your gear requirements and everything else in int.


There are 2 types of FS, sword and magic. Sword FS is more inclined towards PvE, because of the larger AoE sword skills. Magic FS is more inclined towards PvP, because of the higher damage per second (DPS).The early skills are not of importance; it doesn't matter which you use during those training periods, but it's best to use skills with low cast time and cooldown to train skills with.


Combos:Notes:- For PvE, stun and AoEs are of importance. For PvP, DPS takes priority.- Cannons: 360 degree AoE, 45% knockback, 2 sec cast time.- Lances: Limit 1 piercing, 40% knockdown, 1.8 sec cast time.- Lances will have higher DPS than cannons with a high magic stat.- Earth>Fire>Aqua~Ice in order of highest to lowest DPS.- Lightning has highest raw damage, but has longest cast time and is poor in DPS, and thus useless to me.Sword FS:PvE (stun combo):blade of judgement 12shield break 9shield splinter 15/18PvP:(start with)shield splinter 15(then cycle)shield break 9shield splinter 15shield explosion 19Or simply:shield break 9shield splinter 18shield explosion 19Magic FS:PvE (stun combo):blade of judgement 9stone cannon 20fire cannon 20aqua cannon 20crystal cannon 20If you want the easier way out with four skills:blade of judgement 9aqua/crystal cannon 18stone cannon 20fire cannon 20aqua/crystal cannon 18PvP (for high magic only, preferably above 800):terra lance 20fire lance 20aqua lance 20stone cannon 20fire cannon 20If low magic:stone cannon 20terra lance 20fire cannon 20fire lance 20aqua cannon 20You can choose to include shield break or shield splinter in both combos as a finishing move, as they deal very high damage when they crit (which happens often for a FS).Note that PvP combos are also used for bosses immune to stun.


Force Shielder Str Int Dex HP MP -----------------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+--
Base Stats 15 11 9 45 25 -----------------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+--
Atk 0.25 0.1 0.23 -- --
Magic 0.05 0.2860.25 -- --
Def 0.25 0.1110.182 -- --
Hit Rate 0.4 0.4 1.75 -- --
Def Rate 0.2 0.1 1 -- --

For stats, i would recommend DEX for both sword FS and magic FS. You lose very little attack/magic/def for adding dex instead of STR or INT, and gain a very significant amount of attack rate and defense rate, the latter being very important in PvE situations like high level dungeons.


Misc tips:- For upgrade skills, get the 2 skills which add attack for sword FS, and the 2 which add magic for magic FS. It is also recommended to get 2 defense upgrades, as well as one def rate upgrade, and of course the hp upgrade.- For equipment, get sword amp and crits for sword FS, and magic amp and crits for magic FS.- Similarly, epaulet/ring/bracelet of fighter for sword FS, epaulet/ring/bracelet of sage for magic FS.- You should use vampiric items when having troubles surviving. Examples of such places include Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, and B2F.