Rohan Bow Scout Guide

Bow Scout
-Please take note that this entire long post is purely based for Bow Scout.

Skills Built
-I know it's easier to do a direct allocation of 90+ SP in all the skills desired but the fact that you are going to start from lvl1 and reaching 99 is not an easy task; means you should put SP allocation in a stage by stage or lvl by lvl ranges basis.

-Assuming that you are just going into creation of a totally new HE:

As an Archer, you should look into saving as many SP as possible from 1-50, so that you can max essential skills asap, particularly the Buffs in Scout tree.

Frozen : 5
Psychic Pierce : 1
Long shot : 5
Nimble : 5
Fatal : 5
Piercing Root : 5
Double Strike : 5

This set should be your priority till you reach 50. The others not mentioned from your SP built are mainly pvp-intended and should only be considered when you reach a considerable level imo.

Bow Mastery : 5
Melt : 1
Detect : 1
Alacrity : 5
Drill Shot : 5
Ka'el's Arrow : 5
Multi-shot : 5
Violent Shot :5
Rain Shot : 5
Pouring Shot : 5
All in one :5

Ka'els Arrow Should Be Maxed After Maxing All your AoE Skills...

-It would be safe to add a vit per lvl, or around 130-150 base vita. Rest to dex. Some stuffs that can further boost this would be General Talisman(+10 or +30), Costumes, Accessories, Added stats from weapons, Enchantment from Armors, and IM scrolls. A good 10k+ when you are 9x with almighty should suffice you for most pvp situation. For now, just 1 vit per lvl on base stats is ideal.


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