Top 10 worst things than can happen to an MMORPG Player

What are the worst things that can happen to an MMORPG player?

10. The server is not responding. Please try again later.

9. Patch Day.

8. Remember that real life friend you begged your long time guild to let in? He just ripped off two guildies, ninja looted the big raid and sold half of the guild bank on the auction house. 7. Your guild finally gets a voice chat server. You realize after 4 years of playing with them, you can't stand these people.

6. We're sorry, but this account has been suspended for violating the terms of service.

5. You just found out that the game you built a website for and you've been following religiously for the past 5 years was silently produced by a collaborative effort between Brad McQuaid and Lord British.

4. After losing your job, divorcing your spouse and having your kids taken away by youth services for the amount of time you spend in your MMORPG, they release an expansion that makes it all worthless.

3. Your company is losing money and ready to close the doors, luckily the company was just purchased by SOE for pennies on the dollar and you might get to keep your job.

2. You login to your MMORPG account and your guild bank has been cleared, your guild has been disbanded and your character was deleted. While on hold with customer service trying to undo the apparent hacking of your account, your spouse walks into the room to tell you he/she is filing for a divorce.

1. The chick you've been cybering for the past 2 years has finally asked for a real life meeting and you brag about it to all your guild mates. When you arrive at the restaurant, an overweight and bearded man named Bob says "Hi, I'm Electra".

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