There are 2 types of FS, sword and magic. Sword FS is more inclined towards PvE, because of the larger AoE sword skills. Magic FS is more inclined towards PvP, because of the higher damage per second (DPS).The early skills are not of importance; it doesn't matter which you use during those training periods, but it's best to use skills with low cast time and cooldown to train skills with.


Combos:Notes:- For PvE, stun and AoEs are of importance. For PvP, DPS takes priority.- Cannons: 360 degree AoE, 45% knockback, 2 sec cast time.- Lances: Limit 1 piercing, 40% knockdown, 1.8 sec cast time.- Lances will have higher DPS than cannons with a high magic stat.- Earth>Fire>Aqua~Ice in order of highest to lowest DPS.- Lightning has highest raw damage, but has longest cast time and is poor in DPS, and thus useless to me.Sword FS:PvE (stun combo):blade of judgement 12shield break 9shield splinter 15/18PvP:(start with)shield splinter 15(then cycle)shield break 9shield splinter 15shield explosion 19Or simply:shield break 9shield splinter 18shield explosion 19Magic FS:PvE (stun combo):blade of judgement 9stone cannon 20fire cannon 20aqua cannon 20crystal cannon 20If you want the easier way out with four skills:blade of judgement 9aqua/crystal cannon 18stone cannon 20fire cannon 20aqua/crystal cannon 18PvP (for high magic only, preferably above 800):terra lance 20fire lance 20aqua lance 20stone cannon 20fire cannon 20If low magic:stone cannon 20terra lance 20fire cannon 20fire lance 20aqua cannon 20You can choose to include shield break or shield splinter in both combos as a finishing move, as they deal very high damage when they crit (which happens often for a FS).Note that PvP combos are also used for bosses immune to stun.


Force Shielder Str Int Dex HP MP -----------------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+--
Base Stats 15 11 9 45 25 -----------------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+--
Atk 0.25 0.1 0.23 -- --
Magic 0.05 0.2860.25 -- --
Def 0.25 0.1110.182 -- --
Hit Rate 0.4 0.4 1.75 -- --
Def Rate 0.2 0.1 1 -- --

For stats, i would recommend DEX for both sword FS and magic FS. You lose very little attack/magic/def for adding dex instead of STR or INT, and gain a very significant amount of attack rate and defense rate, the latter being very important in PvE situations like high level dungeons.


Misc tips:- For upgrade skills, get the 2 skills which add attack for sword FS, and the 2 which add magic for magic FS. It is also recommended to get 2 defense upgrades, as well as one def rate upgrade, and of course the hp upgrade.- For equipment, get sword amp and crits for sword FS, and magic amp and crits for magic FS.- Similarly, epaulet/ring/bracelet of fighter for sword FS, epaulet/ring/bracelet of sage for magic FS.- You should use vampiric items when having troubles surviving. Examples of such places include Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, and B2F.


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