Rohan Defender 1-50 Guide

The Build:
As the title says this will be your build till level 50. From lvl 1~5 go full dex base needed so you dont miss everything you attack in PvP. Then from lvl 6 onwards you should go 3vit 1 str till you hit 50.

Taunt: lvl 1 (max lvl)
Rising Might: lvl 5
Protection: lvl 5
Sharpen Blade:lvl 5
Bless Shield: lvl 5
Charge: lvl 5

Optional Skills:

Invoke: lvl 1 - Your dex is only 50 so dont bother puttin any more points into this.
Bleeding: lvl 1 - The higher the lvl the longer it lasts...no point in wasting points here.
Assult Crash:lvl 1 - The higher the level the larger the range, i wasn't to sure about this so i left it at 1.
Shield Push: lvl 1-5 - This skill does some heavy damage and works nicely with charge as the stun negates the push back effect.
i'll just update this thread after i finished my guide ok... thanks


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